CMR.NET Services

We strive to balance leading-edge technology innovation with highly skilled resources and cost-effective, reliable, secure, and adaptive IT solutions that meet or exceed customers’ needs.


IT ConsultingStable Information Technology systems that are securely available to local and remote workers are the foundation of a successful business. By improving customer service, accelerating time to market for new products and services, and reducing operational costs, our IT consulting services can help to create a critical competitive advantage for your company.

There's no escaping it. Technology is a necessity in today's business, and critical to your business success. But how do you find the right IT solution and make it work for you? Having a professional IT consultant to help you is the key to better IT management.

Project Management

projectsWe will do the planning, organizing, securing and managing of resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. We have over 20 years experience managing technology projects and implementations.

We can with assist you with your network planning, forecasting and budget, and help you choose which computers and networks are right for your company.

We will manage the Design - Installation - Commissioning - Maintenance of your security, surveillance, monitoring infrastructure.

IP Video System Design

With the continuous stream of new products, system design and specification is becoming ever more complex. We are dedicated to assessing new products continuously so that we remain capable of recommending for you the best solution available at any time. We are accredited to the highest level by most manufacturers whom we support. Our team undergoes frequent manufacturer training and has access to a wide range of system design tools and documentation. Our system designs are to manufacturer specification and meet industry standards and regulations.


IP Video System Installation

Our customers range from small businesses requiring only 3 or 4 cameras to large organizations that need multi-site implementations. Our emphasis on quality ensures that the delivery of the installation will run smoothly and that the system will meet your expectations and the agreed functional specification.

installerAll our installations are preceded by a Method Statement (detailing what is installed, where and how) which is submitted to you for approval before any work commences. This is to ensure that the installation of physical equipment takes place as agreed.

For the purpose of quality assurance, we operate a Project Management System that logs all communications regarding an installation and requires a series of checks before an implementation can be marked as completed.

IP Video System Commissioning

System commissioning is the final step of any installation. Our commissioning procedure includes a visual and functional test to ensure that the system is installed in accordance with the agreed system specification and functioning and that the standard of workmanship is high. We verify the following:

  • Wiring, terminations and voltage supplies
  • Camera views and image quality
  • Monitoring, recording and playback functions
  • Alarm triggers and schedules (e.g. motion or heat detection, alarm relays or sound detection)
  • Remote camera control functions (e.g. pan-tilt-zoom)
  • Light conditions
  • Backup power supply
  • IP Video warning signs

Once we are satisfied that all system aspects have been tested and are working correctly, the installation will be handed over to the customer. In the Handover Process we will demonstrate to you that all aspects of the system are working in order to confirm that the performance of the system meets your requirements. We will train the people that will be using the system with the user manual and system documentation.

Once everything has been completed to your satisfaction, the handover of the system will be confirmed by your signature on our Acceptance Certificate.

satisfied customer

IP Video System Maintenance

Once your IP Video and network system is up and running and has been handed over, we will provide you with preventative maintenance periodically and corrective maintenance (trouble shooting / call out) as and when required.

Preventative Maintenance
Preventative system maintenance will be carried out periodically, typically every 12 months or more often if the demands on the system do so require.

Corrective Maintenance
One of the key benefits of networked IP Video is the possibility of delivering instant remote troubleshooting via the network/Internet. Rather than having to send an engineer onsite to diagnose a problem, we are usually able to identify the issue remotely and often resolve it without the need for a site visit.

Call Outs
If the problem cannot be resolved remotely, we will perform an emergency call out. From the preceding remote troubleshooting procedure we usually know or have narrowed down where the problem lies. This enables the call out engineer to be better prepared when arriving on site, keeping the time spent on site to a minimum, which keeps the costs down.