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Information on IP Video


Video Encoder Solutions Turn existing Analog network into IP Video network

How an analog CCTV system connects through an Axis video encoder to get instant benefits of network video

Active Tampering Alarm Video A live action movie presenting the Active Tampering Alarm feature in a number of Axis network cameras.

New Generation of Network Video Solutions Video Axis Communications announces the first products in a new generation of network video products, cameras, encoders and video management software.

Fixed Dome Indoor Outdoor Camera Video The AXIS P33 Network Cameras are indoor and outdoor-ready fixed domes that are designed for quick installation with unique remote focus and zoom capabilities.

Fixed Dome Network Camera Installation Video A film/3D-animation that shows the unique and simple installation process for AXIS M3011 Fixed Dome Network Camera and lists some key features.

NUUO NVR Surveillance-Counting Application Video

NUUO NVR Surveillance-POS Station Video

Security Camera World ACTI ACM-4201 Camera Video

ACTi Advanced Sales - Choose camera under different Light Video

ACTi Fleet Management Software Application Video

Benefits of network video surveillance

The digital, network video surveillance system provides a host of benefits and advanced functionalities that cannot be provided by an analog video surveillance system. The advantages include remote accessibility, high image quality, event management and intelligent video capabilities, easy integration possibilities and better scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Remote accessibility

Network cameras and video encoders can be configured and accessed remotely, enabling multiple, authorized users to view live and recorded video at any time and from virtually any networked location in the world.

High image quality

In a video surveillance application, high image quality is essential to be able to clearly capture an incident in progress and identify persons or objects involved. With progressive scan and megapixel technologies, a network camera can deliver better image quality and higher resolution than an analog CCTV camera. In a fully digital IP-Surveillance system, images from a network camera are digitized once and they stay digital with no unnecessary conversions and no image degradation due to distance traveled over a network. In addition, digital images can be more easily stored and retrieved than in cases where analog video tapes are used.

Event management and intelligent video

There is often too much video recorded and lack of time to properly analyze them. Advanced network cameras and video encoders with built-in intelligence or analytics take care of this problem by reducing the amount of uninteresting recordings and enabling programmed responses. Such functionalities are not available in an analog system.

Easy, future-proof integration

Network video products based on open standards can be easily integrated with computer and Ethernet-based information systems, audio or security systems and other digital devices, in addition to video management and application software. For instance, video from a network camera can be integrated into a Point of Sales system or a building management system.

Scalability and flexibility

A network video system can grow with a user’s needs. IP-based systems provide a means for many network cameras and video encoders, as well as other types of applications, to share the same wired or wireless network for communicating data; so any number of network video products can be added to the system without significant or costly changes to the network infrastructure.


An IP-Surveillance system typically has a lower total cost of ownership than a traditional analog CCTV system. An IP network infrastructure is often already in place and used for other applications within an organization, so a network video application can piggyback off the existing infrastructure. IP-based networks and wireless options are also much less expensive alternatives than traditional coaxial and fiber cabling for an analog CCTV system.

Furthermore, Power over Ethernet technology, which cannot be applied in an analog video system, can be used in a network video system. PoE enables networked devices to receive power from a PoE enabled switch or midspan through the same Ethernet cable that transports data (video). PoE provides substantial savings in installation costs and can increase the reliability of the system.

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